Antiche Terre dei Conti

Relocating man
in the middle of nature.

Ancient Gestures

Everything we had always heard, learned, and studied was eclipsed in that moment by something bigger, something ancestral.

Ancient Gestures

Many years ago during one of our many trips we found ourselves surrounded by resplendent nature where all elements complemented each other. We clearly perceived that each element had its own purpose, its own essential place within its surroundings.

The harmony of the elements was so perfect, so natural, so incredibly evident, we felt nature’s unconditional and welcoming embrace. And it was clear to us that with the utmost respect we could be part of that balance, that symbiosis of mutual giving and receiving.

Everything we had always heard, learned, and studied was eclipsed in that moment by something bigger, something ancestral. A certain something we had always felt within but that had yet to surface. It was like a rebirth that imbued us with a great energy, and it sparked within us the desire to embark upon this new adventure.

Bringing back balance to what surrounds us every day.

We have always adopted an organic approach to tending our vineyards. Over fififteen years ago the scepticism of many immediately turned to amazement for the excellent harvests we achieved as well as conventional crops rich in chemistry.

But our real turning point was when we teamed this approach with Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic principles and strove to bring the countryside to life, not to suppress it. The earth needs to be balanced, fertile and rich in life. Only then can a plant obtain nourishment from it and grow strong and healthy, and able to defend itself when necessary.

Empowering the life beneath the plant.

The project for the new winery has been under discussion for a long time. We’ve run scores of simulations always working on the basic concept that has been central to our philosophy right from the beginning: to enrich the life beneath the plant itself. It is from the soil that the vine’s roots get their nourishment. And in biodynamics a thriving, vigorous root system indicates of a job well done.

The soil must be fertile, rich in organic matter and full of life. Beneath the vines there is a very active population that is essential to the success of our work. That’s why the winery has been developed completely underground and it will be here that a large team will take care of the precious clusters first, and then subsequently the wine.

Energy flows upwards from the earth towards the plants, reaching up to the universe. And so the shape of the winery finds an even stronger and more powerful meaning: it lets us contemplate the sky nestled within the embrace of the hills.

Empowering the life beneath the plant.

Biodynamics requires considerable effort in the vineyards throughout the year. It’s a fascinating approach that requires consistency, constant comparison with others, study, and processes carried out by hand with great passion, commitment and tenacity. But when it’s harvest time, the fruits of our labours give us immense satisfaction; nature’s gift to us is healthy, full of positive energy and surprising flflavours.

For each plot, we hand-select the best clusters, pick them when conditions are just right, and transfer them with great care into the hands of the oenologists. No grape skin should break sooner than expected and temperatures must be just right in order to get the best results. We have processing protocols for the different grape varieties which we update every year according to the conditions in the vineyards and the analysis of how the grapes ripened. This ensures we always get the very best out of the fruit harvested.

We continue to devote signifificant time to the study of technologies on the market and to develop our solutions for the processing of grapes, as well as barrel-aging using barrels with different shapes and materials. At the end of the process, we get the absolute most out of the berries, skins and stalks by putting them into our energy recovery plant. Inside, the biomass ferments to generate methane-rich gases which we use to generate electricity and heat. The biomass at the end of the fermentation cycle is returned to the fifield as an exceptional organic soil conditioner. Thus we have a perfectly circular process.

The varieties

Tai and Prosecco

Our wines

All Antiche Terre dei Conti wines are certified Vegan and Organic.
The Dolomites

The territory

The territory

The most famous place in Venice is Piazza San Marco. It’s the only square in the historic centre which is actually called a "piazza"; the others are all known as "Campi" or "Campielli". The Basilica of San Marco is festooned with mosaics that tell the story of Venice, together with bas-reliefs that depict the months of the year and ancient crafts. Above the main door stand four bronze horses that were transported to Venice from Constantinople following the fourth Crusade in 1204.

The Greek cross flfloor plan is dominated by fifive large domes. The interior is covered with mosaics with a gold background depicting biblical and allegorical scenes. The districts of the ancient city are situated around the double loop of the Canal Grande, the main waterway from which a dense network of about 158 minor canals spread out.

The Canal Grande is crossed by four bridges: Ponte di Rialto bridge is the oldest, the work of Antonio Da Ponte, built in 1591; Ponte dell’Accademia is made entirely in wood; Ponte degli Scalzi, built under the Habsburg domination and rebuilt in the 20th century; fifinally Ponte della Costituzione, erected in 2008 and designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava.